1. Act natural

Be yourselves! Don’t bother with fake smiles. Just do you and be happy together, that’s what a honeymoon is all about, after all!

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2. Try different locations

On your honeymoon you’re bound to visit different places, so go for different shots that will make your photobook sparkle like no other. Use the different locations to their fullest potential to have a variety of awesome shots, and take your time while you’re there, to ensure the best results.

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3. Be creative

Explore different ways to pose for photos, not just the regular side by side “say cheese” photo. Try to create interesting snapshots that show off your relationship and the location you’re in – climb a tree, swing on a swing, hike up a hill, hang upside down together; the possibilities are endless. Just be safe, always.

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4. Set a timer

Apart from taking the go-to selfie, setting a timer on your camera or phone could be helpful. You don’t want that pesky arm to ruin your honeymoon photos, and setting a timer can solve that problem, and help you take fantastic shots in the process!

5. Find a balance between taking photos and being in the moment

Taking snaps as keepsakes for your next photobook is always a fantastic idea, but don’t forget to be in the moment with each other. It’s all about you after all, and those moments you spend together on holiday for the first time as husband and wife.

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