Happy big 10 to Pamela and Alex! The local singer and her husband are celebrating their 10th anniversary together. Pamela took to socials to share a sweet message she penned on this day.

“10 years - since the first day of our journey together!” Pamela starts off in a sweet post to her now-husband Alex. “10 years since my life started having a reason, since my missing pieces started being filled by your incomparable love, your kindness, your infinite support, by you being you and by loving me for who I am with all my flaws!”

“May we be able to keep being blessed by all the simple things that make us laugh, by all the stupid jokes no one gets except us, by all the music we share together, by all the will to fight all obstacles we face, and mostly by our growing love towards each other and our story we created with so much caution and love!”

“I love you my everything - cheers to eternity,” she says. Pamela and Alex celebrated their first year of marriage last December and just a month before, she shared the song she wrote and sang for her hubby on their wedding day.

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