Today, Ira Losco and her husband, Sean Gravina are celebrating three years since their daughter came into their lives.

Ira took to social media with a sweet birthday message on her daughter’s special day.

“Your sweetness knows no bounds. You already have a mind of your own but I have a little strawberry muffin by my side every day. You’re like superglue but I absolutely love that”, Ira wrote.

“I’m going to lap up your cuteness, sassiness, love and everything you so gladly share with me, your father and Harry”, she continued.

“Happy Birthday you feisty little Scorpio girl LOVE YOU”.

Her father, chef Sean Gravina, also took to social media with a special message of his own.

“Happy birthday my darling G, I adore you”, he expressed.

Ira and Sean also have a son together, Harry who is seven years old and was born in August 2016.

The couple will soon be celebrating their four-year wedding anniversary as they got married on the 1st December 2019.

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