Lapes and Nadine are still riding on a high after making it all the way to the X Factor finals.

As a result of this, they were pretty busy on the 14th and couldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day like they typically do.

Nonetheless, Lapes took to social media with a sweet message for Nadine today instead.

“The day of love has not passed yet, you know why my love? Because every day is that day for us”, he wrote.

“You hold my hand and I hold yours and that’s how it will always be. Love is not a word but an action, loyalty, dedication, empathy and much more. You know you’ll always find me there”, he continued.

“The smile in your eyes never leaves me. I hold you and tight and I will not let you go”.

“I discovered your name means hope and who gave it to you knew what they were doing”.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day Lapes and Nadine!

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