Matthew Mercieca, better known as Muxu in the local music scene, has announced that his beloved grandmother has passed away. He shared a moving tribute post in her honour, along with a sweet photo of the two of them hugging.

“The root to all our family, the one who taught us how to love and how to heal. Today our heart is broken as we lost the biggest part of our family,” he starts off.  “My darling Granny no words can explain this heartbreak, its hard to write this, cause a part of me can not accept that we can’t just pop by your house for toast or Just some granny love.”

“What makes all of this even harder is this situation knowing that all these months which you said felt “worse than the war” because at least then you could see, hug and kiss the people you love. Whenever we would come visit you and stay a far from each other you would always sneak in on us from behind and give us a touch and hug and we would get angry at you but we secretly loved it.”

“No one was prouder of her grandkids and her 4 incredible kids and every ounce of beauty in any of our characters was crafted by the water of your love. The kind of love that will be passed down to generations after us, forever keeping your legacy of being nice, loving and just a beautiful human being, too beautiful for the world, I guess you are finally with nannu, the man you spoke about as if he was still on earth with us even over 30 years after he passed, and we will keep mentioning you to our kids and there kids and all generations, because they need to know that the reason we love them so much is all cause of the unconditional love our beautiful granny gave to us.”

“We will miss you every single day, go and be showered with love from all the ones who have already left us and slowly slowly, we will all start popping in your door till we are all having tea all together again. Rest in Paradise Granny. I can’t wait till I can hug you once again xxx.”

Our condolences to all the family.

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