Meet Cath and Mario Kitcher, a Maltese-British couple who were captured by family members sharing a dance at Mellieha Bay Hotel, serenaded by a local singer. What’s so special, you ask? It’s the very same hotel the couple got hitched in more than a decade ago!

cath and mario mellieha hotel

We reached out to Cath and Mario, who explain they love Malta so much they make it a point to visit very often, sometimes yearly! Mario, 66, and Cath, 59, tied the knot at the same hotel on 2nd June 2008, and shared their first dance at the same hall, so they decided to recreate the moment.

cath and mario mellieha hotel

“It means a lot to us, so we like to come back and visit, especially before they take it down at the end of the month,” says Cath. Mario was born in Malta but moved to England with his family when he was seven. “It was the last chance to really relive the memories we have here. It was the best day of my life, and it was also the first time all the family had been together since we were kids,” he says.

cath and mario mellieha hotel

While Mario was married before, Cath wasn’t. “I wanted to wait. It never felt right until I met Mario,” she says when asked why they got married late in life. Cath also said they’ll be back next September for another holiday!

Watch the sweet moment here:

Photos from Georgia Olivia Long with Cath and Mario’s permission

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