Vibe FM radio host JD Patrick revealed he had quite a stressful Father's Day despite insisting he only asked for a relaxed end to the week.

In an excerpt taken from today's edition of The Morning Vibe show, JD Patrick shared details of his father's day weekender: "On Saturday, Steph[his wife] told me listen we haven't planned anything for tomorrow what are we going to do? I told her, I'm not going to ask for anything. Don't give me gifts, don't give kisses, I want nothing. I just want a relaxed day."

After his wife asked for clarification, the extroverted radio host came up with an easy solution: "Let's go to the Aquarium, because I always wanted to go and hadn't been and the plans changed."

But the plans swiftly changed on JD, with the exasperated DJ revealing: "We went to the Aquarium on Saturday and on Sunday she told me she had in idea on how to spend a relaxed day. So THEY have a relaxed day," he said.

"A tea party at my house. With her family. All of them in the pool, laughing and playing with their children...and then there's me cooking."

"They're off chattering and having fun and splashing water, they got my phone wet too...and the father, who's supposed to be enjoying his day, inside cooking pastizzi!"

Catch the hilarious clip in full below:

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