If you have the space, creating a walk-in wardrobe is a massive trend, and we can see why – who wouldn’t want to see all their clothes and accessories at a glance, all fabulously organised in a space that brings a sense of luxury, as well as functionality, to their home?

Planning your very own dream walk-in comes with its own set of decisions, and with endless options and layout configurations available, your best bet is to go custom, and we’re here to help! Here are some great options to consider, with some tips and advice from the experts at PM Hobby.

1. Wood lookin’

Fancy a warm, luxurious feel? This option includes building each wardrobe section or clothes enclosure using melamine sheets, which come in various finishes, ranging from plain white to realistic wood tones. Apart from looking lovely and warm, having enclosures similar to a normal wardrobe but without the doors has the added benefit of protecting clothes from dust. Using melamine sheets to construct the walk-in means that you can customise every centimetre in the woodworks, making it easier to incorporate drawers, which are great for storing belts, ties, jewellery and underwear.

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2. Shelve it!

A shelving system involves fixing wall uprights directly to the wall and hooking shelf brackets or other accessories into them. The main benefit? It’s definitely the fastest and easiest option to install and makes for a great DIY project! All you need is a level, measure tape, screws and a drill. There are also several attachments that can be used, including fixed baskets, baskets on sliders and hanging rods, giving you lots of flexibility. Another benefit is that each shelf and basket is adjustable, so you can just unhook and hook into a new position, revamping your walk-in at any time! The experts at PM Hobby recommend choosing a reliable brand like Element System for this one, to make sure that the structure is of strong quality for your peace of mind.

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3. Go, go gadget 

Wardrobe gadgets and fittings can be incorporated in any of the walk-in options, with the ultimate goal being to keep organised. Pull out hangers and baskets are a blessing, allowing for the use of awkward spaces, while trouser hangers are great for maximising space, allowing you to store double the amount based on their design. Meanwhile, ties and belts can be stored neatly on hangers or hidden away in cross sectioned drawers. Finally, another great walk-in feature is the shoes section! You create a great a stunning shoe display proudly showcasing your beloved shoes using a selection of shoe racks.

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4. Flying high

Perhaps the most crucial advice would be to maximize your room’s full capacity. Going for a floor-to-ceiling design is not only practical but is also a great look! It’s OK if you’re not able to reach the top parts – this can easily be solved by keeping a handy step stool close by. The top parts of a walk-in wardrobe are great for storing rarely used items like extra blankets or those shoes you can no longer wear but don’t have the heart to throw out! Finally, perhaps the most exciting wardrobe gadget is the lift-up pull-out, which actually allows you to hang more clothes in higher unreachable areas and lowering them down as needed… it’s like a lift for your clothes!

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Looking to create your own walk-in wardrobe? Check out the incredible options at PM Hobby – they’re sure to have what you need to make your dream a reality!

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