1. Bring out the fairy lights

Nothing beats fairy lights for that magical festive vibe. And you should leave them hanging around your home during those dreary winter months that follow too.

2. Set up your tree

The quintessential Christmas decorative item must be up by the beginning of December. If your tree isn’t done yet…well, what are you waiting for?

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3. Consider custom baubles

Opt for personalised tree décor where possible, or at least mixed in with store bought-baubles, including sentimental ones bought from special places you’ve visited.

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4. Upgrade your linens

Who wouldn’t love to get into bed with snowflake-designed duvet and pillow covers? We know you would.

5. Invest in minimalist stockings

Sometimes, the simpler things are the more striking, like these ivory and gold Christmas stockings that are personalised, minimalist, and perfect.

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6. Chill out in festive loungewear

This goes hand-in-hand with point number 4 – festive PJs are the natural choice to keep warm in at this time of year. Enough said.

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7. Light some candles

Warm your heart and your home with ambient candles that not only give your space a soft glow, but also work wonders on your mood, even more so if they’re scented.

8. Hang up a wreath

Have your front door stand out among others in your street with a cute festive wreath that will put a smile on your face the moment you get home.

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9. Fill your sofa with Christmas cushions

Duvets, cushions and all manner of soft furnishings for your sofa and living area are budget-friendly and simple accessories to decorate your home for Christmas, with effective results.

10. Grab your best friend and flake out in Christmas bliss

After all the work you’ve put into decorating, it’s time to bask in festive glory with a hot cup of something and your significant other by your side.

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