Today, 21st July, is a special day for DJ Panelli (Keith) and X Factor Malta’s former contestant Yazmin. On this day in 2018 while on holiday in Bali, the couple got engaged. *Cue the happy tears* Keith shared a sweet post on social media to commemorate the day.

“My Sabiha. Today 3 years ago we got engaged, atm we are still engaged, u nahseb baqalna another year with Covid,” he said. The couple were meant to be married already but Covid had other plans.

“Anyway just wanted to tell you that I love you and will wait till forever if need be just to be your husband & to have our perfect happy wedding. Love you my Queen.”

On her Instagram stories, Yazmin also shared memories from the day, including a video of the proposal to the song ‘Marry Me’ by Train.

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