Food allergies are on the rise worldwide so make sure all your guests are happy (and safe) by catering to their dietary requirements. But, how can you make sure you don’t miss a thing? Here are a few tips.

1. Take it seriously

The truth is that some food allergies are extremely severe, and sufferers can’t even take the tiniest amount of these foods. So, take every possible allergy into consideration right off the bat when booking your wedding caterers. Do some research and ask questions if you feel unaware about the source of a particular problem. Information is power!

2. Ask the question on the invitation

There’s nothing like communication! Make sure your guests – and their partners – specify if they have any allergies when they RSVP. Just make sure they have enough space to write them down by, perhaps, sending out double-sided RSVP cards. Once they are all sent back to you, keep a log (ideally in the form of an Excel sheet) so nothing is missed.

3. Communicate these to the venue

Remember that excel sheet? Well, your perfect organisational skills have come into good use. Simply pass the information onto your venue or your wedding caterer, specifying the number of people who are coeliac, lactose intolerant or who have more specific allergies.

4. Make sure the food is prepared and served separately

Informing the caterers of any allergies is not enough. People can be affected even if their food has been prepared close to an allergen. And food intended for the allergy sufferer should be kept well away from the rest since any remnants on utensils and surfaces can also cause a problem. Have a conversation with your supplier to put your mind at rest – reputable caterers are well aware of the risks and always do their best to mitigate accidents from happening.

5. Check in with your guest

On the day, ask someone, such as your best man, to speak to the guest and see that everything is ok. This will show your concern and can also help spot a reaction early on.

6. Label, label, label

If you’ve organised a stand-up reception, make sure all the appetisers are labelled properly with the ingredients used to allow your guests to make informed decisions. If you’re having a sit-down do, make sure your venue has the seating plan, so they know what to serve to whom.

7. If the worst happens…

Call an ambulance right away!

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