1. Let’s brunch

Particularly befitting for morning weddings, a brunch station could be the perfect way to kick things off right after the wedding ceremony, when guests will probably be scrambling for something to eat past breakfast time, and before the fancier foods start being served. Consider mini egg benedict bites, granola bars, mini strawberry crumble jars, and all the things you love in an indulgent brunch.

2. The finer things

Go the extra mile with a station of sheer indulgence: whisky and cigars. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who enjoy a good tot at the end of the evening, we can think of no better pairing than with a fine Cuban. Keep the quantities within your budget though, and bear in mind that this kind of station won’t appeal to the masses. Also, presentation is key – think old wooden barrels, a wooden cart or a striking table that won’t go unnoticed.

3. A Mediterranean feast

Tap into Malta’s Mediterranean culture with a charcuterie table brimming with cured hams, smoked meats, rare cheeses and a host of mouth-watering delicacies that go with them, such as fresh or dried fruits, local olives, nuts, bread sticks, chutneys and water crackers. This isn’t your average cheese table, but rather a feast for the eyes and certainly for the taste buds.

4. Calling all gin fans

Here’s an easy bar that requires two main ingredients, gin and tonic, and a handful of garnishes. Gin is enjoying the limelight right now, and a bar specifically dedicated to it, with a variety of gins and tonic waters for good measure, offers something beyond the usual cocktail bar which is likely to appeal to many. Suggest a couple of cocktail recipes at the station, together with fresh herbs such as basil, mint and rosemary, as well as some lime, lemon and grapefruit wedges for twists on the classic G&T.

5. Match made in heaven

Cupcakes and macarons were all the rage a couple years ago, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Combine these two aesthetically glorious treats together as an accompaniment to your cake table, or as a table in its own right, filled with a mouth-watering selection of macarons, cupcakes and the two combined together. When it comes to colours, flavours and decorations for this set-up, the sky’s the limit.

6. Chocolate delight

We can’t think of a better treat at a winter wedding than a hot cup of cocoa, and better still, one which you can customise to your heart’s content. Whether by way of individual blocks of chocolate in different flavours which guests can mix with hot milk, or as a ready mix of hot chocolate which they simply pour into a cup, the detail lies in the toppings. Offer a mix of mini marshmallows, cookie crumbs, chocolate chips and sprinklers on this table, and we guarantee there will not be a drop to spare.

7. Cool gelato

And in summer, of course, the natural choice is a cute cart of finely made ice-cream. Ice-cream stations are not a novelty as such, but your choice of flavours and selection of toppings can make all the difference between an average one, and an amazing one. Think of ‘outside the box’ and artisanal flavours, such as white chocolate and peach, pistachio with honey and ricotta, and salted caramel with nuts. And if your supplier doesn’t offer unusual flavours, see if they’d be up for the challenge to make them just for your wedding.

8. Coffee bar

Towards the end of a wedding reception, guests crave a good cup of coffee as much as putting their feet up. Rather than sticking with the ordinary stuff served at weddings though, go the distance and enlist the help of a speciality coffee connoisseur who can recommend a couple of different coffee beans to brew at your wedding, as well as the add-ons to complement them, namely alcoholic shots, cinnamon sticks and syrups.

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