The Covid-19 pandemic hit the wedding industry quite hard and for the past two years, most weddings in Malta had to take place under a myriad of restrictions.

One of the most controversial restrictions is that couples have to have a seated wedding to maintain social distancing even though standing weddings are the most popular way to go here in Malta.

This also means that no dancing is allowed.

One of the many frustrated brides across the islands, Diane Scerri, has decided to start a petition calling for the restrictions to be lifted.

wedding petition

Couples are spending thousands more for a wedding that isn’t how they dreamt it”, she writes.

Restaurants and other establishments are being given the freedom to accommodate more people and events, however the regulations for weddings have not changed”, Diane continued.

There should be more options to have a standing wedding with PCR tests for the unvaccinated, if need be, however the regulations need to change!! They have kept the regulations the same for way too long now! We have a right to celebrate the wedding as we all initially planned and wanted it!”, she concluded.

"A standing wedding is what most Maltese couples dream of, so please reconsider the regulations!", one person wrote to justify their reasoning for signing.

The petition can be accessed here.

Do you agree with the proposed ideas?

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