Married Maltese couple, Ruth and Malcolm Mifsud are unlike any other married couple you have met before…

Ruth, who is the original pilot in the relationship started teaching her husband how to fly and now, nine years later the two are finally soaring through the sky and flying together as Captain and First Officer.

Malcolm took to social media with a sweet message to celebrate such a momentous day.

Words can't express the incredible milestone we've shared this week, from student and instructor to Captain and First Officer in the sky”, Malcolm wrote on social media.

After a 9 year journey, we soared through the clouds for the first time together on a Boeing 737”, he continued.

You've been my guiding light, my rock, and now my partner in the cockpit. Thank you, my amazing wife, for teaching me how to fly and for believing in me every step of the way”.

Here's to many more unforgettable adventures together. Love you endlessly”, he sweetly concluded.

What an amazing couple!

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