Last night, actor Taylor Lautner tied the knot with his now wife Taylor Dome in a lavish wedding at a California vineyard.

The two have both officially become named Taylor Lautner. Have you ever met a couple with the exact same first and last name? What an incredible turn of fate

The Lautners met all the way back in 2017 during a game night organised at his house. Before the event, Taylor’s sister famously told her brother that “I’m bringing your future wife!”.

It looks like she knows her brother very well and was completely right.

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The two Taylors got engaged exactly a year ago, where Taylor Lautner planned an intimate but immensely romantic proposal in their kitchen.

He covered the kitchen in candles and roses and his then girlfriend was in for quite the incredible surprise.

Taylor wore a beautiful whimsical white dress designed specifically for her by the talented ‘Winnie Couture’.

Her great grandmother always told her grandmother that she’ll come back to watch over her family as a white butterfly. The bride ended up adding many butterflies to her dress as a way to connect more with her great grandmother.

After dancing their first dance as a married couple to Justin Bieber’s ‘Lifetime’ the two changed into their second reception looks which were equally as stunning.

Congratulations Taylor and Taylor!

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