Janice Grech, producer of the tv show Akila announced that she and fiancé John Busuttil (more commonly know as il-Buzu) will be tying the knot very soon!

“Soon to be Mr & Mrs John Busuttil,” Janice Grech starts off in a heartfelt post. “We’ve had a number of adventures and travels over the last three years. The road has been hard, but with our love and understanding, we’ve got to where we are today.”

“John is a person I am proud of and honoured to receive his love. He has given me everything,” she continues. “However, apart from the love and happiness, the best thing he gave me was he taught me how to believe in myself, to have a voice and opinion, to grow and strengthen my character to get me to a place of happiness I never had.”

“Thank you John, my angel, my man, the father of our lost babies and soon to be my husband forever and always xxx I adore you xxx.”

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