1. Back to nature

With many of us spending too much time on the couch or our phone last year, 2019 is all about getting back to nature! Designers are getting new inspiration from an old cliché and bringing the outside in. Go for fresh natural materials such as stone, concrete, copper and granite to give your home a serene and organic ambience. As Kermit the Frog says – it’s easy being green!

Retro, relaxed and reorganised! The 2019 home trends you need this spring

Image credits: Kaekooshop / Instagram

2. Copper tones

Move over rose gold, there’s a new metal in town! With its red and orange tones, copper will find itself on a lot more mood boards this year. While industrial chic has been around for quite a while, the earthy hue of burnt copper is a nice reminder of the natural world outside. Think autumn leaves, paired with a beautiful forest green wallpaper or paint.

Copper tones

Image credits: Drummonds

3. Under the sea

Fashion and home décor trends often go hand-in-hand, and 2019 will be no different. Once again, it’s all about getting back to nature… or under the sea to be exact! Coral tones are everywhere – as per Pantone’s Colour of the Year – as well as the deep blues and greens of the ocean.

Under the sea

Image credits: Amara

4. ‘70s chic

Retro is returning, especially when it comes to the 1970s. Think velvet textures, geometric patterns and disco funk. This trend is all about keeping things warm, but is NOT for the faint-hearted, so be bold and inject as much personality into every room as you can handle.

70s chic

Image credits: Dezeen

5. Heart of the home

The kitchen remains the most important room in the home for many in 2019. The mood this year is all about being functional yet relaxed. Vintage touches such as rattan stools or chairs have made a comeback among designers, and taps and fixtures in pewter or gunmetal are having a moment. Storage is also key, be it open shelving or completely concealed.

Heart of the home

Image credits: Megan Pflung designs

6. And finally… being organised

This trend is very much down to Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo, whose Netflix show Tidying Up has sparked a wave of people wanting to get organised. Malta’s very own Decluttering Consultant and Professional Organiser Julia Barker says the show resonated with people because it’s something the majority of us struggle with: “It comforts us to see others sharing our difficulty in getting tidy and gives us hope that we too can overcome that ‘miscellaneous’ drawer!”

And what are her top tips for having a more zen home? “Keep like items together. All books in one place, all cleaning items together in one cupboard and so on, then you’ll always know where to find them.” Another one of Barker’s tips is to make it a family affair. “Enlist the help of others in your house. Even toddlers – with very specific direction and modelling – can begin to understand after a few days of repetition that they need ‘to put their toys to bed’. Keeping things organised doesn’t have to be a one-person job.”

And finally… being organised

Image credits: Enki Magazine

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