As COVID-19 cases continue to rise it is important that we remain cautious, as obviously, the virus is still around, for the safety of everyone around us, especially those classified as vulnerable. In comments to, a pregnant mother expressed her concern as a co-worker at her husband’s workplace was found to be positive.

She is particularly concerned and upset not only due to the fact that she is pregnant, but a person who has just undergone a major surgery abroad also lives under the same roof and is thus considered vulnerable.

The mother told that her husband is required to report to work and has no idea whether he had contact with the positive case or others who have, as no information was given.

She shared that she, like so many others, has already made a lot of sacrifices by not going out due to the fact that she is pregnant and in order to protect her family, especially the vulnerable family member. The woman shares that although the workplace has been cleaned, she feels more information could have been given.

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