Philippa, who forms one half of artistic duo The New Victorians with sister Bettina, posts a heartfelt and joyful message to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday. However, let’s first let’s have a slight recap on this couple’s journey.

Julian, her husband, proposed to Philippa back in June 2019 during a trip to Budapest. A year later, although not planned that way, Philippa and her husband Julian got married in June 2020.

Originally, the wedding was meant to take place on the 17th of May 2020 but, due to the great obstacle of COVID-19 and an ever-changing schedule, the couple then finally got married in June of that same year. The couple celebrated their love in an intimate wedding in Bidnija church with a small reception in her own childhood home.

Back to the present, they celebrate their daughter’s first birthday with a wholesome post on Philippa’s social media:

‘And just like that...we have a 1 YEAR OLD? 👀🤯 Seems boss lady is quite adamant on being a Perit... maybe she can build my stage sets someday? 🤔 👷‍♀️(Ħa nixrobilha moħħha lollll). Thank you for turning our world upside down firecracker 🧨 It's a privilege to be your Mama, you lil wonder ❤️🙏 #oneyearofVi’

Happy birthday to baby Violet!

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