The highly anticipated upcoming season of ‘The Crown’ will soon be airing on Netflix, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The fifth season, consisting of 10 episodes, is set to be released on 9th November.

Whilst a trailer is yet to be released, fans have been treated to some behind-the-scenes shots of the series. One of these shows Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, alongside a young Prince William and Prince Harry – played by Rufus Kampa and Will Powell, respectively.

The actors’ resemblance to their real-life counterparts is uncanny!

Debicki is wearing a dress very similar to the one Diana wore just a month before her death, whilst on a visit to Northwick Park and St Mark’s Hospital.

In the photos, Debicki is depicting Diana whilst on a trip to the south of France; the last ever trip she went on with her sons.

Additional photos show the actor playing Mohammed Al-Fayed – the billionaire father of Diana’s romantic partner, Dodi Fayed, who died alongside her.

It is believed that these shots might actually be from season six, as season five is set to deal with events that took place earlier on in Diana’s life.

Are you planning on watching the new season?

Main Images: Instagram/thecrownfas & Facebook/E!News

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