Prime Minister Robert Abela, and his wife Lydia, are today celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary.

In a Facebook post uploaded a short time ago, Lydia looked back at their years as husband and wife, and, addressing her life partner, expressed her love and devotion to him.

“I love you, Robert, and I admire your strong character, your genuine smile and your values. I’m grateful to have you in my life. I love you.”

The couple met when they were just 18 years old and studying at the University of Malta. After graduation, they both worked at George Abela’s law firm, getting married in 2008, one day after Lydia’s birthday. They have an eight-year-old daughter, the gorgeous Giorgia Mae.

And, while her husband may have his hands full at the moment, Lydia is no less busy, working hard as a lawyer and political leader to be a role model for thousands of women across the Maltese Islands.

Congratulations Lydia and Robert!

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