We wonder how often people look down at their hands only to realise that their wedding ring’s disappeared!  

Unfortunately, this was what happened to local ALS patient-activist Bjorn Formosa on the very first day of the year.

This morning, Bjorn took to his Facebook page to ask his followers for a helping hand to find his much-missed wedding band.  

"Now we have lost it forever! Maria has been looking for my wedding ring since the beginning of the year," Bjorn started the post.    

Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened either, although in previous instances it was found. We hope the Formosas have the same luck this time around! 

"Unfortunately, I can't use my hands anymore so, I can't tell if it's on my fingers or not," Bjorn explained.   

Just in case you spot a lone ring wandering around, Maria's name was engraved on the inside, so it should be pretty easy to identify.  

He continued to say, "Maria, I still have your name engraved in my heart forever, but in case anyone finds it, it would make me very happy."   

Bjorn pointed out that he and Maria recently visited Dingli, Hamrun and Qormi – so if you frequent these areas, be sure to keep an eye out! 

Good luck, Bjorn and Maria, we hope you find it!

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