Sefora and Godwin have been together for a while and share adorable Diego together. The husband and wife duo have overcome obstacles together and continue to support each other even in tough times. To honour this, Sefora shared a heartfelt message.

“I miss you the most on days like today! You finished work at 7pm and I started my shift at 7.20pm. You walked in the door and I walked out. We had no time to talk, just a quick hello and goodbye. No time to tell me about your day, and no time to tell you about mine. But with just one hug and one kiss, you make me feel as if I have told you everything.”

“We argue all the time, we never see eye to eye, but you still are my favorite person in the world,” she says. “You love me for who I am and never asked me to change, except for my habit of walking barefoot at home, which you really hate. But what we have together is very difficult to find elsewhere. You understand all my heartaches, all my worries. We react differently to our problems yes, but my mind is at rest cause I know you are always on my team.”

“Thank you for all your support, thank you for understanding me and for rooting for me. I couldn’t be the mother I am without you. You sacrificed a lot to become the man you are today, you changed your ways to make us feel safe, loved, and cared for. We love you a real lot Tabone, even on days when you are hard to love, you are still worth it.”

In the comments section, Godwin says, “You always leave me without words my love I only have to say thank you for everything.”

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