Actress and presenter Louise Doneo is celebrating her birthday today and, her husband Mark Doneo, took to social media to, not only wish her a happy birthday but also to express his love towards her.

‘You know I’m not very good at this. The fuss. The sentimentality. The over-the-top public displays of affection. It’s not my thing. Never was. I can be a stoic prick, and most of the time that’s exactly where and what I want to be. It works for me’, says Mark.

Although he stresses that sentimentality is not ‘his thing’, we think that he absolutely nailed his birthday message. He continues, ‘But I DO love you. I know that much. And what matters is that YOU know. Taf li nħobbok, le?’

Mark also goes on to say that although it seems like taking it to social media is hypocritical of him, because he usually does not make a fuss, he does it anyway this year!

He closes off with a parting message of, ‘Happy Birthday, sieħbi. You just get better. Me, weirder’!

We loved this message and thought it was the cutest!

Happy Birthday, Louise! Wishing you many more years of happiness and LOVE!

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