This week, Bridgit Mendler, known for her roles on the Disney Channel, shared a heartwarming update with her fans.

Amidst the excitement of being appointed CEO of Northwood Space, a pioneering startup aimed at revolutionising space communication, Bridget took to X (formerly Twitter) to reveal another significant milestone in her life journey.

The 31-year-old actress disclosed that she had recently become a mother by adopting a 4-year-old son. "The other news I wanted to share is I'm a mama to a sweet 4yo boy," she joyfully exclaimed.

Bridget shared her journey, recounting her foray into fostering in 2021 and finalising the adoption around Christmas of 2022.

Expressing profound gratitude, the Disney Channel star emphasised the transformative power of parenthood, labelling it as "the biggest gift and most defining experience there is."

Prior to her heartwarming revelation, Bridget had claimed attention with her role as CEO of Northwood Space, a venture dedicated to bridging the gap between earth and space through innovative technology. The startup, which has already secured $6.3 million in funding, represents the actress’ entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to expanding access to space exploration.

In both her personal and professional pursuits, Bridgit Mendler continues to inspire with her unwavering passion, resilience, and commitment to making a difference in the world.

Congratulations, Bridgit Mendler!

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