1. Summer

The long hot summer days from mid-June to the end of August are a boon. We are truly blessed with weather on this island. But, having a morning (or early afternoon) wedding during these months may not be such a great idea – especially on those sweltering, mid-season days. You might be able to get away with an 11.30am mass in early June, though be very wary of doing the same the more time passes. Ideally, go for a church ceremony which starts between 6.30pm and 7pm. This means it will still be daytime when you walk in…and when you walk out. Light will also be softer at around 7.30pm so you will look even more stunning in those wedding photos.

2. Autumn

September may officially be Autumn on the continent but, for us, if you’re still wearing your swimming suits on a Sunday…well, then, if it feels like Summer, it is summer. The weather is still warm at the beginning of this season, which means you need to think twice about organising a morning wedding. October, however, is probably the best time of year to get hitched. The temperature is mild, and the days are still pretty long. You can opt for a 4.30 to 5.30pm time for your ceremony to be able to enjoy the best of your special day: afternoon, early evening and sunset.

3. Winter

Winter weddings can be incredibly romantic. And, if you opt for this season, you should go for a morning ceremony. The best time to start would be 11.30am since you get to enjoy the warmest time of the day. But, you can even start before. The earlier you begin, the longer you can have fun for – just be careful of any overtime charges if you decide to stay at the venue longer.

4. Spring

Longer days accompany the spring thaw which means the day is your oyster when deciding on the time for your ceremony. If you decide to go for a morning wedding, there are several slots you can go for (such as 10am, 10.30am or 11.30am) – don’t make it too early, though, since you might need your beauty sleep. Longer, warmer days also mean that you can even opt for an afternoon do: 5pm or 6pm are great for later spring. Our favourite time has to be 4pm for this time of year though as you’re able to enjoy most of what the day has to offer.

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