During the past year, 3,978 newborns were registered with the Malta Public Registry, 2,016 (50.7%) of whom were boys while 1,962 (49.3%) were girls. This reflects a decrease of 186 newborns registered (4.7%) when compared to the previous year.

The four most popular names registered for boys were Luca, Liam, Noah and Matteo while Mia, Emma, Nina and Giulia were the four most popular names among girls.

The most popular Maltese names were Ġanni and Luċija. In total, there were 13 girls and 22 boys who were given a Maltese name with the use of Maltese diacritics.

This was possible after the legal amendments pertaining to the use of Maltese fonts came into effect in 2021.

On the other hand, marriage registrations during 2022 amounted to 2,237, resulting in an increase of 240 couples when compared to 2021.

There were also 31 cohabitations registered, therefore 26 registrations less than the previous year, while only a single registration was made for a civil union.

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