Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has shared a video showing some incredibly intimate moments from her latest pregnancy. 

The video – titled ‘To our son’ – gives Kylie’s fans a sneak peek into her experience with baby number two, featuring messages from several family members expressing their excitement about meeting the new family member.  

Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, dubbed the event as “one of the happiest days of [her] life”. 

Kylie Jenner and her partner, rapper Travis Scott, have been on and off since 2017. The couple’s latest child makes four-year-old Stormi, their first-born, a big sister.  

Despite initial claims, it turns out Kylie and Travis won’t be calling their son Wolf after all.  

We just really didn’t feel like it was him,Kylie announced.  

The influencer hasn’t revealed the new baby name yet, although she’s sure to share it with her followers soon enough.   

Baby number two was born on 2nd February, just one day after big sister Stormi’s birthday day.   

In her video, Kylie records herself sitting in the hospital bed, cradling her baby bump for the last time whilst Stormi cuddles her belly.  

The clip then cuts to audio of the moment the baby was born. “He’s out,” one of the doctors says,your son is here!” 

“What’s up boy! What’s up big boy,” Travis exclaims proudly before the new-born is heard crying.   

The 10-minute video reminds followers of a similar movie Kylie made for her daughter four years ago.   

In her stories earlier this week, Kylie addressed all her postpartum mum followers.  

“I just want to say to all my postpartum mums that postpartum has not been easy. It’s not been easy; it’s very hard, she said.  

“I just keep reminding myself I made a whole human. A beautiful, healthy boy. We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to be back, not even physically, just mentally, after birth. So, yeah, just sending some love,” she added. 

Main image: Youtube/ Kylie Jenner

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