It seems like yesterday that David and Leah Camenzuli tied the knot in stunning fashion in Bali, against the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset. And now, the couple, who have moved to Malta from Dubai and are living in St Julian’s, are expecting their first child!

In the cover interview for Style on Sunday, David – a 33-year old half-Swedish-half-Maltese model – and Leah, born and raised in Australia, share stories from the first time they met, the reason for their move to Malta, and their exciting news.

“We are so happy to be here,” says David. “We often get asked why – after years of travelling and being based in Dubai – we wanted Malta to be home but, to be honest, it’s always been Malta. We love the island, and it’s as simple as that.”

Speaking of the first time they met, Leah says it happened at 39,000 feet, while both were working on a flight to San Francisco. “We immediately had a connection, and that only grew a year later when we bumped into one another again in a dingy Dubai nightclub called Rock Bottom,” says Leah. “That day, I was coming from an all-you-can-eat-and-drink brunch that gave me the liquid courage to barrel across the crowded dance floor to David, who, I found out later, was completely sober! From that night on, having been blown away by his very questionable dance moves, we were inseparable.”

Three years later, David got down on one knee in Bali and asked Leah to be his wife. A Balinese wedding followed a year later, and the couple exchanged vows on 3 November 2016. But their fairy-tale love story doesn’t stop there.

“Nothing could have prepared us for the ‘positive’ pregnancy test result we recently received, and later hearing our baby’s little heartbeat on the monitor for the first time,” says Leah. “It really put things into perspective and underlined our decision to move to Malta.”

And their stunning new home, designed in a minimalistic and Scandinavian style, will now also become a family space as they prepare to welcome “baby Camenzuli” towards the end of the year. “Without sounding superficial, aside from a healthy baby, we’re so curios to see what our baby will look like because David and I are such a mix,” Leah says.

“David and I have always spoken about becoming a family and, to think it’s finally happening, is truly a blessing. Obviously, our lives will be changing (less Netflix, less chilling!) but we couldn’t be more excited and ready for the ‘chaos’,” Leah adds. “At the moment, we are mostly looking forward to finding out the sex of our little one and watching my belly grow. To be honest, all we know is that our lives will definitely change for the better.”

Kris Micallef Photography

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