Italian entrepreneur and fashion mogul Chiara Ferragni is taking a trip down memory lane. Ferragni, who is currently pregnant with her second child, shared the story of how her first born, Leo, came into the world – something her fans and followers have been asking her about for some time.

“We spent most of the pregnancy between Milan and Los Angeles and moved permanently to LA around my 29th week to be able to deliver Leo there. Until the 32nd week it was the easiest pregnancy ever: I was able to travel, work and do basically everything I used to do before,” she recalls.

“From week 32 I started having problems with my placenta. My liquids were also low and I was put at home rest with the idea to deliver max at 36 or 37 weeks,” saying that by the time her 37th week rolled around, her doctor said it was not safe to wait any longer.

“At 1am on March 19th I started induction at the hospital with a foley balloon and crazy (and super painful) contractions. After I was a bit dilated they took off the balloon and started oxytocin to prepare my body to deliver. A few hours later (at around 11 am) they broke my water (it’s like that during induction) and I requested my epidural (loved it).”

“Everything was going smoothly until Leo’s heartbeat started racing in the afternoon so they had to give me oxygen, slow down the oxytocin and I started being very scared,” she admits. And she wasn’t out of the woods yet.

“At around 7 pm they told me I had an infection going on and gave me antibiotics. At this time I was super scared and thought they would opt for a C section (after 18 hours of labour) but then my doc came and I was dilated enough to push and have a natural birth,” she shares.

“I pushed with Fede by my side and at 11.37pm (22 hours after I started induction) I finally met my Leo. Best moment of my life so far. I could hold him for 30 seconds then they had to check on him for a few minutes before giving him back to me, and in that moment I couldn’t stop crying from happiness (see photos). Giving birth really is a lifetime experience.”

This year, Leo will be turning three right before he meets his little sister. Chiara and Fedez officially tied the knot in September 2018, the same year they welcomed their son.

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