Together with her husband David, Leah Camenzuli is celebrating her youngest child’s first birthday!

The fitness instructor and social media influencer took to Instagram to share some amazingly cute photos of her family, and Harry eating what seems to be a delicious lemon cake, as they have a little party to celebrate their son’s birthday.

It wasn’t a birthday party like every other however, as the Camenzuli family decided to partake in the Maltese tradition of organising a quccija.

And it looks like little Harry is going to have a full life, as he initially chose the egg from all the objects in front of him. Harry wasn’t quite content by simply choosing one object though, as he went on to also choose the spoon, indicating that he will grow up to become a chef!

“The love we have for him is beyond measure!”, Leah wrote on Instagram, along with a cute picture of Harry playing with his big sister, Sophia

Leah and David have been married for almost five years, and their wedding anniversary is soon coming up next month!

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