1. Confirm details relating to noise levels, harvesting times, and more

When meeting the owners of a vineyard, ask them all the questions you’d ask other wedding venues, with the addition of a few more. A number of wedding venues in Malta are restricted by noise limitations if they’re in a residential area, and a vineyard is no different; ask whether there’s an indoor option or a back-up venue in case the weather goes south; whether the venue will be closed off completely for your wedding if it’s a public space; and whether the time of year of your wedding is suitable for a vineyard reception which may be affected by harvesting periods.

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2. Check whether extras are available at the venue

Some venues are offered to couples as a blank canvas, where you have to book and cater for a sound system, toilet facilities, a room for the couple for make-up touches or outfit changes – be sure to check with the vineyard you’re interested in whether they offer any of these facilities, and if not, whether they can recommend suppliers who they’ve worked with before who’ll know the space well.

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3. Make the most of the surroundings

Once you’ve ironed out the more mundane details and are ready to start working with the beautiful vineyard you’ve chosen – whether in Malta or overseas – turn to the very landscape around you for inspiration. The backdrop of a vineyard is a beautiful scene in itself, and one area you’ll be able to save massively on is flowers, allowing you to dedicate that budget to another aspect of your wedding.

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4. Use nature’s colour scheme to your advantage

There are many reasons why you chose that venue, and one of those reasons probably has a lot to do with the fact that you’re steeped in nature, surrounded by bright and beautiful vines, which set the perfect backdrop for any colour palette of your choice – be it a range of bright and bold colours or even a selection of toned down pastels. To really tie in with the theme, a wine-inspired palette would be a perfect choice too, which is a beautiful colour no matter the location.

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5. Decorate the venue fittingly

No matter where you choose to host your wedding, it’s always a great idea to work with the surroundings, which means selecting suitable décor that appears organic, rather than out of place, in the venue. For a vineyard, we can’t think of anything more appropriate than wine barrels used as anything from bistro tables to a cake table or even as decorative ‘furniture’ on which to place some beautiful floral centrepieces, frames or candles.

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6. Pair food with wine from the vineyard you’ve chosen

There would be no better time to pair the food you serve – perhaps some of it, if you’re having a stand-up wedding with finger foods – with a complementary wine than at a vineyard wedding. Your guests will be impressed at the level of attention to detail, and delighted that they’ll get to try a bunch of different wines too.

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7. Consider appropriate footwear

For the ladies, the terrain around the venue might not be the best for high heels, in which case you’ll either need to consider wearing flat shoes (especially if you intend to enter the vineyard for a few shots among the vines) or else appropriate shoes with a block heel rather than stilettos. It might save you the awkwardness of sinking into the ground, and save you a pair of shoes too.

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