1. Decide how much, and stick to it

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The first step to prevent overspending is deciding how much you want to fork out to begin with. This is an expensive period in your life, but that doesn’t mean you need to forego a relaxing trip following the madness. Just pick a figure. Create a spreadsheet (and don’t groan about it) to keep track of expenses to make the most of the euros you have for the holiday.

2. Plan early

Decide on where you would like to go, and what you would like to do, early. Don’t leave it to the last minute: costs tend to increase exponentially closer to the time. Not unless, that is, you leave it to literally the day before, which is not advisable if you’re not the sort to take things as they come. One you’ve decided on a destination, reach out!

3. Compare costs

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You don’t need to accept the first quote you get. Try and get an idea of what three suppliers will charge you for flights and accommodation. The difference in price packages can be remarkable. And, when it comes to tours, do the same thing, once you arrive to the destination.

4. Choose your travel agent well

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A good travel agent is precious, to be held on to tightly once found – even after the honeymoon! And, a true professional will know how to slash the prices down, so you can get the trip of a lifetime without having to pay your lifesavings on it. Don’t be shy about asking for advice. They would usually have a wider range of what’s available on the market, some prized contacts and little-thought-of-ideas to give you the most value within your price range.

5. Think off-peak…and go well-equipped

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Your wedding may be in July – peak-season for most destinations – but that doesn’t mean your honeymoon needs to be then too. Run through the list of options with your travel agent and select an off-peak period. You might find many countries and resorts actually offer reduced prices in times off seasonable weather, so you won’t have to choose between convenience and affordability. And once you’ve selected your destination, make a list of what you might need to minimise costs further.

6. …and closer to home

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The current trends may be for far-off places, places which scream exotic, but there are plenty of stunning places here, on Malta’s doorstep, in Europe. Think wine-tasting in France, Scandinavian retreats or British spa stays and you won’t necessarily have to fork out an arm and a leg of them. If you’ve travelled extensively in the region before, make your choice based on activity, to give you a different taste of familiar ground.

7. Watch out for sales

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Yes, there is such a thing! Airlines frequently offer discounted rates on their flights, as do most hotels and resorts – and this goes beyond off-peak rates. Keep an eye out for when these might be or ask your travel agent to inform you when would be best to enquire about specific locations, so you might even make that trip to India you’ve been craving after all!

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