If you were in any way familiar with Malta’s arts scene throughout the second half of the 20th century, then chances are you know of Joe Bartolo.

This veteran actor and presenter hosted multiple radio shows and starred in countless local TV series and plays throughout his career, such as Francis Ebejer’s ‘Meta Morna sal-Mellieha’, staged at San Anton Gardens and Guze Diacono’s ‘L-Ewwel Jien’, aired on TV.

It just so happens that today’s a very big day for Joe and his wife, Jane, as they’re celebrating 65 years of marriage. 

That’s right – 65.

Joe took to Facebook to post a sweet photo of him and his wife, coupled with the caption, “thank you to my wife Jane for always being there for me.”

The secret to Joe and Jane’s relationship?

Well, the former actor says it’s all down to “co-operating together and showing each other unconditional love.”

In their 65 years of marriage, Joe and Jane also raised three children – Richard, Noel, and Suzanne.

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