1. Get it insured

You might need to insure your ring under your parents’ property until you have your own place, but that’s still better than not insuring it at all. You’ll need to provide the ring’s official certification to the insurer (which comes with the ring when it’s bought), and possibly its value too (which will no longer remain a secret to you but that’s less important than keeping it safe).

2. Keep it clean

Hand creams, skin oil, dust and dirt will accumulate around your ring over time, causing it to appear cloudy and hence not shiny at all. The simplest, and possibly the best way to keep your ring clean is by soaking it in warm water with mild dishwashing liquid, and by scrubbing it softly with a toothbrush before rinsing and leaving to dry.

3. Protect it

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Diamonds and gold are extremely durable materials, but they too take a beating when exposed to strong chemicals. Take your ring off when using cleaning or abrasive products that can damage your ring (and your hands, no less), and prevent the metal settings from getting corroded prematurely. You’d also do well to remove your ring while cooking or handling food – tiny bits and pieces can get lodged around the setting and you won’t even realise.

4. Wear it last

It’s not just cleaning materials that can dull a ring’s brilliant lustre! Wearing your ring should be the last thing you do before heading out – apply hand or body cream, hair products or perfume before slipping that sparkler on, especially in the case of precious stones.

5. Store it safely

Your engagement ring was probably presented to you on a soft cushion placed within a lovely and luxurious box. That same cushion will go a long way to protect your ring from getting scratched (and from scratching other jewellery) – remember that diamond is the hardest material on earth and the only thing which can scratch other diamonds, so always place it in that box to protect it when you’re not wearing it, and to ensure it’s out of harm’s way.

6. Get it checked

As with every expensive item, an engagement ring needs maintenance from time to time, and that will need to be done by a professional jeweller, ideally the same one you bought the ring from. The prongs on the ring will need to be checked and, over time, possibly replaced, ensuring that your diamond stays firmly where it belongs: on your finger.

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