1. Research a great e-invite site

As with standard invites, your first task, once you’ve decided to go paperless, is to choose your supplier. Things to look out for are whether there is a simple interface to upload all of your contacts, calendar reminders as well as, of course, the range of designs.

2. Check the costs

E-invites are always going to be cheaper than taking the traditional route. But, when you’ve chosen the site, double check the terms and conditions and make sure there are no additional costs should you need to, for example, resend due to an address error. You should also double check if there is a bulk price for any additional people you would like to invite after the first send-out. And if you really are trying to cut costs, you can always choose one of the free options many sites offer.

3. Set up RSVPs

Most professional sites have a sophisticated system for RSVPs (this is a standard feature in this day and age). Include a deadline and, if you’re having a sit-down dinner, make sure your RSVPs allow for meal options to be specified.

4. Make sure your invites are advertising free

A lot of these sites make money by selling advertising space, but the last thing you want is to spam your family and friends! Those which make it a point not to include ads usually specify that their e-products are ad free. Those are the winners!

5. Send a test

You want to make sure that your loved ones get your kind invite so send a test to yourself to make sure it does not go directly into the spam folder. To confirm the delivery of your e-invite, some sites recommend you add their server address and make sure the address is not a blocked contact.

6. Don’t use company or work email addresses for your invitees and retain formality

Why? Yes, you got it – it will go straight into spam! And, just because you’re sending an e-invite, this does not mean you have to forego any sense of decorum. Keep to the traditional and conventional ways of addressing those you’re hoping will celebrate your special day with you and, if possible, always personalise the invite with some kind words.

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