1. Have a good breakfast

The first meal of the day IS the most important and it can set you up for an energetic 24 hours, allowing you to confront the good the day has in store for you. Make sure you sit down and eat properly – so no rushing off with a coffee in hand to run last minute errands. And, even if you have an impossible wake-up call of 3am for the hairdressers, ask for a good stock of croissants and warm drinks to accompany you in the chair.

2. Spend some alone time

This may seem impossible to do when your make-up artists/stylist/seamstress/bridesmaids/maid of honour/mother/future mother-in-law/cousins are all vying for your attention, but you must shut them out and take half an hour to be by yourself. It will allow you to rebalance your thoughts and emotions for the big moments ahead.

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3. Hug your family

This is a big moment for your entire family. If you’re going the traditional route, you’ve probably waited this long to even move out of your childhood home. Take some time and give your mum and dad a good squeeze, thanking them for all those years of love and joy.

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4. Play some music!

Pump that volume up with your favourite hits – even if its bound to annoy the neighbours. Use your headphones or sing along with your bridesmaids in those moments before you – literally – step into your gowns. Giving your vocal cords a good stretch is the perfect way to get your whole body in ship-shape.

5. Do some exercise

This comes with a bit of a caveat: if you’re not the sporty sort, this may not be the best thing to do the morning of your wedding. But, moving your body, whether in gentle motions or a more vigorous session, will definitely have those endorphins flying through you, making you feel lighter, happier (like you needed a reason) and way less stressful.

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6. Pop open that Champagne

There’s nothing like a good gulp of bubbly to get the party started. Ask your maid of honour to prep this for you, pop it open and get prepared to start taking plenty of snaps with your best girls and family, before the proceedings really kick in. Cheers and congratulations!

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