Happy half birthday to Pixie Rose! Tamara Webb’s daughter is celebrating six months since being welcomed into the world. In honour of her special day, her mama penned a sweet message on social media for Baby Peanut, as she used to call her.

“6 months of us,” Tamara starts off in a post on social media. “Feels like yesterday that I felt your kicks and spins in my tummy and holding your tiny body in my arms for the first time. It was absolutely incredible. So fragile yet I felt so empowered to hold you and protect you. Couldn't believe I was holding OUR baby,” she admits.

“Here you are now, 26 weeks later and I feel I’ve known you forever. You’re becoming cheekier, and more curious by the day,” she says, sharing what Pixie Rose has come to love. “You love to show off your 2 front teeth when smiling, & you only drink your bottle on your own, little miss independent (I miss giving it to you in my arms). You absolutely LOVE sweet potato, like mummy & you still don't enjoy tummy time.”

“My baby. I wish, I can hold you forever in my arms and get lost in the power and happiness your hugs and snuggles give me. I hope I can always make you feel safe and protected. I hope you'll always give me the look of unconditional love you do now, because I sure will. Happy 1/2 birthday Pixie. Inħobbuk bla limitu.”

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