We’re all used to living on an island where we switch from language to another faster than you can say ‘what?’. But, what do you do if you need to incorporate both languages into the wedding? Make your family and friends from other shores truly feel the love you share with your spouse with these handy tips:

1. Include readings in both English and Maltese

Some of your nearest and dearest may actually prefer speaking one language over the other, so don’t hesitate to include readings in both languages for your ceremony. But, make sure you include a translation in your wedding booklet (for both!) so everyone can follow.

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2. Use both languages for those canape cards

Everyone wants to know what they’re eating, so why not include both an English and Maltese translation of those beautiful little cards describing what you’re about to pop into your mouth? Delish!

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3. Use your initials for direction signs

You do not want to include a lot of text on your direction signs. Instead, opt for something fun and fresh but which shows people where to go. And, everyone knows your names, right?

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4. Celebrate different cultures

If your friends are flying in from all corners of the globe, celebrate the diversity of languages through small touches for e.g. naming cocktails using words from Italian, French or Spanish, if those are represented on your day; or, select a menu inspired by these different cuisines.

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5. Get a translator!

English is usually considered an international language with few, in this day and age, not able to understand a word. But you may have guests coming who may be slightly older so would not really having absorbed the lingo. In those cases, opt for a translator who will get everyone on the same page.

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