You’ve no doubt put away all your heavy fabrics and soft furnishings in preparation for barbecues, rooftop parties and spritz nights, but maybe your house doesn’t feel summery enough…yet. Here are five quick home décor updates to get you in the mood for summer fun in no time at all.

Raw materials

From raw linens and silks and beach-washed woods to tactile concrete, raw materials have a relaxed, barefoot effect while still feeling luxe. Pair them with neutral hues for a Mediterranean vibe or spice your indoors up with splashes of stronger colours for a more exotic palette.

Inky blues

A deep, gorgeous blue has the same impact and depth that grey has, but it’s much more cheerful and summer-ready – so if you’re up for a change, now’s the time. If painting a whole room in one of these shades seems overwhelming, simply accessorise instead, using vases or stoneware in different heights and widths.


This summer, geometrics are leaping off cushions and rugs where they’ve been for the past few years, right into tiles, wallpaper and art. Bold designs in shimmering metallic over a matte background can be used to striking effect, creating a very young, modern and elegant look for every room in your home.

Tropical prints

Palm tree and monstera plant motifs are always popular when summer hits, and this year they’re back with a vengeance. Mix plenty of lush, energising greens with pops of vibrant pinks, yellows and orange to create a tropical paradise right in your living room. We’re not just talking wallpaper and prints here – decking your home in foliage is the ultimate in millennial chic.


Year after year, we’re working our way through the entire metallic colour palette, and summer 2018 is brass’s turn to shine. Brass furniture pieces and mirrors can add a decadent, quasi-retro finish to any room, while lamps and smaller accessories are the perfect way to inject a new trend into a room without too much commitment. When it comes to mixing materials, brass with marble is bang on trend.

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