It’s been a full eight years since doctor-singer Gianluca Bezzina’s smile stole the nation’s heart, and four years since he stole the only one that matters…

Today, the former Eurovision contestant celebrates his four-year wedding anniversary!

“Four years since the best day of my life, and oh what a wonderful life together it’s been so far,” Gianluca wrote on social media.

“To so many more years of us,” he continued.

It wasn’t long before Gianluca’s wife, Vanessa shared her own social media post, wishing her other half a happy anniversary.

“It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find a photo of us two alone, but I’m so thankful of our love and the family we’re building,” she wrote.

“To many, many more anniversaries,” she continued.

In their four years of marriage, Gianluca and Vanessa have welcomed not one but two beautiful babies into their family – Lydia and Pablo.

Happy anniversary guys!

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