Everyone remembers the famous black diamond ring that Mr Big gave to Carrie on Sex and The City, telling her that he chose it because she is ‘not like anyone else’. Whether you’re an SATC fan or not, the beauty of black diamonds is undeniable and unique, and they look especially gorgeous in an engagement ring setting. Here are some of our top picks for inspiration.

1. A gorgeous solitaire set in rose gold

2. Simplicity is key for the wow effect

3. Black can work as a centrepiece for other differently-coloured stones

4. Or vice versa!

5. The shimmer is pure magic

6. WYMM? I’m willing to bet she said yes

7. Some designs are downright regal

8. Others modern and stunningly simple

9. Whether they’re large and imposing, or tiny and perfectly-made…

10. A black diamond is a token of love that won’t ever age

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