If you need a little pick-me-up, we’ve got just the thing. A young woman travelled to a nursing home in North Carolina to visit her grandpa and to share her fantastic news.

Carly Boyd got engaged and had to get creative in the way she told her grandfather, who lives in a nursing home, to minimise the risk of him being infected amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Carly visited her grandpa Shelton dozens of times before, but this particular visit was a really special one.

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“Carly and her grandfather are very close. They have a special bond and relationship. You see her coming and going all of the time to see him. She showed me the ring and we kept talking… but I watched Carly a couple of times look over toward the wing that her grandfather is living,” Gennie Parnell, the nursing home’s administer, tells People magazine.

“She didn’t say anything and as she was getting ready to leave, I said, ‘Do you want to step over there to the window and say hey?'” Parnell shares. “I had that feeling that she would love to go over there but maybe she was afraid to ask or thought it wouldn’t be acceptable.”

Carly obviously said yes, and went outside to get ready for the surprise. “He was just laying up on the bed very comfortably, eating his ice cream, and we said, ‘We’ve got a surprise for you!'” Parnell says. “I lifted the shade… and Carly had stepped up to the window and she was holding her hand up pointing at her finger.”

The administer shares that it took a moment for Shelton to realise what was going on, but once he did, it was a touching moment. “When he sat up on the side of the bed, I think that’s when it really hit him that it was his granddaughter,” the Parnell says, describing Shelton as “the happiest, sweetest” man. “It certainly thrilled him because he loves her very much.”

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