Sefora Aquilina, a local content creator of the popular page ‘Diego and I’, has been very public about her hardships over the years. However, in the last few months, she was lucky enough to meet a person who showed her what true love really is.

In fact, Sefora announced a few weeks ago that the couple is also expecting a baby together. Recently, she also dedicated a post to her lover to show him how much she appreciates his love.

‘I never understood it when people would say “You will just know it in your heart when someone is your soulmate, until I met you. At that very moment, I felt the feeling everyone once described’, Sefora says.

‘It felt so right like I had always known you, but we just hadn’t met yet’, continues Sefora. ‘I felt an indescribable spiritual connection to you, and I knew it was you - the one my soul was made for, the one I had always searched for’.

We wish the happy couple endless special and happy moments together!

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