Sean Gravina, daddy to a gorgeous girl and boy, owner of Crust bakery, and husband to musician and judge on X Factor Malta, Ira Losco, is celebrating his 35th birthday today. 

Sean posted on his Facebook page yesterday in anticipation of his big day, with two photos of his kids smiling and playing around. He captioned the post with a heartfelt message to his family saying, “35 and counting, this year has definitely been a roller coaster, but I cannot help not feel blessed with these 2 munchkins” and continued, “I love you deeply and unconditionally, you fill my life with joy every second I spend with you”. How cute are they?

Sean, being the chef that he is, also mentioned missing a “classic blue cake”. This is apparently a reference to his mother’s recipe, that he is eagerly waiting to taste again on his special day.

We hope you get an extra big slice of that blue cake!  

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