Best wishes are in order for local singer Ivan Grech and his wife Deborah who are celebrating 18 years of marriage today! To commemorate their special day, Ivan penned a sweet message on socials.

“On the 30th of April 2003 we became husband and wife...18 Years. “I’m looking back at an amazing, Journey, an eventful roller coaster ride of ups, downs, laughter, tears, joys, sorrows and everything else that the mighty winds of time threw in our path,” Ivan starts off in his post on social media.


“These last two years were the toughest of all and yet with all given and all taken, we humbly but strongly marched on as one, fuelled by each other’s strength, love and caress we roam forward into our destiny.”

“Above all it’s been 18 years of Kindness, Passionate Support, Respect, Understanding and most of all True Love. Well my Love, you always bring out the best in me, with you, I can always be Me and that just about says it all.”

“Cheers to many more years together. Love you Deborah Grech. Happy Anniversary MY ALL.”

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