Local singer, Ivan Grech wrote a wonderful message to his dear wife, two days ago, on the occasion of their anniversary. Ivan and his wife Deborah exchanged wedding vows exactly 21 years ago.

‘’On the 30th of April 2003 we became husband and wife. I’m looking back at an amazing journey, an eventful rollercoaster ride of joys, laughter, achievements, adventures, tears, sorrows, ups, downs and everything else that the mighty winds of time threw in our path’’.

Ivan is grateful that although they found obstacles in front of them, some of them hard, they fought together until they overcame them.

‘’Above all’’, continues Ivan, ‘’it’s been 21 years of kindness, passionate support, respect, Understanding, unity and most of all true love. Without you, some of the highlights of my life would still be confined to just a thought, a plan, an idea, a wish, a dream. You always bring out the best in me. With you, I can always be me and that just about says it all. Cheers to many more years together’’.

We wish Ivan and Deborah many more happy years together! Congratulations!

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