The Identity Malta Agency has just disclosed some super interesting statistics about Malta’s favourite baby names in 2021 to TVM.

Turns out that, out of a total of 4,164 babies born last year, Matteo, Luca, and Noah were the most common male names, whilst Emma, Mia, and Ella were the most common female names.

baby names

2021 also saw the country introduce Maltese letters in official documents. This amendment encouraged loads of parents to give their new-borns traditional Maltese names.

In fact, the names Ġuże, Ġanni, Eliża and Luċija were quite common this past year.

Out of the 4,164 babies born in 2021, 2,123 were boys whilst 2,040 were girls. One baby was registered as gender neutral.

Which names do you think will be the most popular in 2022?

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