As we reel in from our Easter celebrations, we mustn't forget that the month of April is alsodedicated to remembering the strength of those women underwent a Caesarean section to deliver their babies. 

Mothers are becoming more and more open about their C-section experiences, in hopes that women going through similar situations feel less alone.  

To mark this special occasion, local supermum and influencer Danita Camilleri, also known as One Chick and a Yorkie, took to social media to share her own C-section story. 

"We still gave birth with great courage. In the cold of the operating theatre, naked, your body shudders with fear at what you've never felt before. Your feet are dead, you feel heavy, and you can still feel the tingle in your back. You can’t do anything but wait. Wait for the moment when someone tells you that everything is alright and that the baby was born healthy,” she wrote.  

Just wait, face up. You get dizzy, feel sick, and then you feel a sudden pressurebut now is not the time to complain. Should I ask if everything is ok? Over an hour late, I saw him. I hugged and kissed him, but that’s all I could do as I couldn’t get up from my bed. 

Yes, we gave birth with suffering, too. We still gave birth, we were still brave, and we had a Caesarean sectionWhat matters is that he was delivered safely," Danita concluded 

Tezara Saliba, a relatively new mum, followed with an equally heart-warming message.   

Truth is, I had no idea this month even existed until I had one myself a month ago. Another blatant truth is that I feel I form part of a club I didn't sign up for, a caesarean sisterhood that is welcoming me with open arms with love and support, but my mind keeps saying, I'm not one of you," she wrote on social media.  

“The first time we met didn't go as I thought. A moment I hoped for and dreamt about for ages. We were both exhausted & when he cried, I couldn't go to him. How did I feel? Useless. How's that for my first moments of motherhood? But There are other moments that we're able to create because he's here with me now. And for now, that's all I care about,” Tez concluded. 

Thank you both for sharing your story! 

Main image: Instagram/ One Chick and a Yorkie

Main image: Instagram/ tez_talks

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