After much anticipation, we can safely say that local actress and radio host Tezara Saliba and her hubby Dave are expecting a baby boy!

It has now been two years since the couple’s #salibawedding and two years of Tez wishing for a positive pregnancy test. Her wish has finally been granted.

Taking to social media, Tez posted a heartwarming video of her and her husband’s gender reveal party.

The answer to the question on everyone’s lips was expertly hidden inside the cake, which, when cut, released a stream of blue sprinkles.

Tez seemed over the moon that her first child will be a boy, so much so that she captioned her post with the words – “and she jumped up and down with glee!”

This can only mean one thing…

Tez finally has someone else to cover head-to-toe in turquoise get-up!

Congratulations to you both, we’re sure you’re going to make great parents!

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